Our Elevator Pitch

WorldSat is a Netherlands based supplier of rental, lease and purchase satellite communication equipment / airtime. We have years of professional and personal experience with satellite equipment while ocean-sailing, mountaineering, hiking, overland-driving, safari’s, hobby-aviation and living as an expat – all travel pictures on this website were shot ourselves. We share our passion with you by supplying you with the best possible advice for your specific journey. At an affordable price. Contact us for the solution that suits you best! Or scroll down…

Satellite Handhelds

When leaving the beaten path – sometimes without really being aware of it yourself – risks increase exponentially: during a remote hike spraining your ankle can suddenly become life threatening. Same holds for a simple kitchen accident on a yacht offshore. And sometimes it seems like a car breakdown is simply included in every safari package. The weather, your means of transportation and your health are simply not 100% predictable.

In all situations where other communication-devices have a chance of briefly failing a satphone is the fall-back solution you need. While providing you with the possibility to stay in touch with home as well. Read more…

Satellite Networks

The four main commercial satellite communication networks are Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar. The questions you should ask yourself when choosing a network are:

  1. Where do the satellites offer coverage?
  2. Wow high up are the satellites?
  3. Are the satellites stationary?
  4. Do I need data?
  5. What are the costs?

The answers to this questions define what satellite network suits you best, if you will be able to make a connection and how stable it will be. Read more…

Satellite Internet

Most satphone handhelds only provide you with a 2.5 Kbps connection. The first analog phone-line modems were 56 Kbps and the average webpage in 2017 was about 3 MB – implying it would almost take three hours to load the average homepage on a satphone.

If you are in need of a remote internet connection, enabling ‘real’ e-mail, whatsapp, sending files and pictures and/or basic browsing, a satellite ‘broadband’ modem is the solution you need. Read more…

Maritime Satellite Applications

Most satellite networks have special modified versions of their hardware for maritime use. This enables you to make emergency calls, stay in touch with home or download weather / current reports (GRIB files) from the shelter of your cabin. Depending on your needs you have the following options: Read more…