When leaving the beaten path – sometimes without really being aware of it yourself – risks increase exponentially: during a remote hike spraining your ankle can suddenly become life threatening. Same holds for a simple kitchen accident on a yacht offshore. And sometimes it seems like a car breakdown is simply included in every safari package. The weather, your means of transportation and your health are simply not 100% predictable.

In all situations where other communication-devices have a chance of briefly failing a satphone is the fall-back solution you need. While providing you with the possibility to stay in touch with home as well (most networks offer receiving free texts).

How they work

For starters: satellite phones don’t work inside. They need a direct line of sight to the satellite. If there are obstructions around you it may be impossible to get a connection or the connection may drop if there is no satellite nearby. Therefore it is important to choose the right network for your needs. Once you chose the right network (not sure? – contact us) you can simply make voice calls and send text messages just like with your mobile phone:

Thuraya is the only network that offers ‘smartphone style’ satphones with both a satellite and a GSM SIM – hence the social network possibilities. Most other networks provide you with’Nokia-style’ rugged dust- and (often) water’proof’ satphones with basic menu’s for texting and voice calls.

Please note that most satellite phones can only receive calls with their antenna out. Therefore many travellers have a routine of checking their satphones once a day for text-messages with call-me-back requests if necessary.

What we offer

We can provide you with:

  1. New, rental (€2.50 p/d), lease or second life handhelds
  2. Rental overland rental navigation equipment for your safari (€1 p/d)
  3. Dedicated trackers
  4. Airtime

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