Most satphone handhelds (including the Iridium Go!) only provide you with a 2,4 kbit/s connection. The first analog phone-line modems were 56 kbps and the average webpage in 2017 was about 3 megabyte – implying it would almost take three hours to load the average homepage on a Satphone.

If you are in need of a remote internet connection, enabling ‘real’ e-mail, WhatAapp, downloading GRIB-files, sending files, sending pictures and/or basic browsing, a satellite ‘broadband’ modem is the solution you need.

Satellite ‘broadband’ is not to be confused with your regular broadband connection: it does not come close to what you are used to at home or on your mobile phone. Satellite broadband currently offers between 64 kbps and 650 kbps (0,65 Mbps). It is expected to increase its speed up to ± 1400 kbps (1,4 Mbps) over the next years. For comparison: a regular ADSL connection is about 20 Mbps.

How it works

All you need is a satellite modem (for land or maritime), set it up, connect your computer, and you are good to go to check your e-mails or WhatAapp messages (through Wi-Fi):

Data optimisation

With satellite internet you pay per megabyte (‘shared connection’) or per minute (‘private stream’ – more expensive). It is important that any background data-usage (i.e. auto-update) is turned off on your device.  To keep your data-usage to a minimum you need your firewall configured correctly: it should prohibit any unwanted outgoing and incoming connections.

To use satellite internet to its full potential at minimum costs one might consider to optimise individual web-based services as well: in example e-mails can be sent and received in ‘plain text’ instead of ‘HTML-formatted’ and there exist special low-bandwidth GRIB (weather) services.

If you are not that technical – or are simply looking for peace of mind, there exist special satellite optimised e-mail and web- services. As well as dedicated satellite ‘hardware firewalls’ that are especially configured to minimise your data usage. Or contact us about our Toughbooks specially configured for this purpose.

What about voice?

One big advantage that ‘broadband’ satellite modems offers is the possibility to simultaneously use data and voice services. Thus, providing you with an off-the-road ‘office’. The voice-rates through satellite modems are often very attractively priced. compared to handhelds.

Another advantage of a satellite modem is that you have the choice between connecting a regular phone to the modem or using an IP-handset for making internet phone-calls through voice over IP (VOIP).

What we offer

Over the past decade Inmarsat was by far the leading network in satellite data connectivity with its BGAN service. In 2019 Iridium launched its new Certus service that is currently still in development and expected to become the industry leader for the next few years.

We can provide you with:

  1. New, rental (€2.50 p/d), lease or second life Satellite Modems (both land and maritime)
  2. Rental Panasonic Toughbooks pre-configured for use with a satellite modem
  3. Dedicated satellite e-mail, GRIB and web services, satellite ‘hardware firewalls’ and satellite WiFi hotspots
  4. Airtime for both Inmarsat BGAN and Iridium Certus

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