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Thuraya offers competitive rates and modern (android) devices with hybrid GSM-satellite solutions.

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Thuraya Network

Thuraya operates two satellites, if you are in Thuraya’s coverage area you can call to, and receive a calls from, anywhere in the world. The handset can be used as a Thuraya Satellite only, GSM only, or auto switching between the two. Thuraya is known for its exceptional voice clarity and low airtime rates.


Thuraya’s flagship phone, the X5-Touch is the first of its generation with Android operating system. It is the first satellite phone with full touch full HD screen.

  • Android Nougat 7.1.2
  • DUAL GSM/satellite SIM
  • 5.2 inch touch full HD screen.
  • Navigation capabilities
  • Call & SMS


The XT-Pro is is highly resistant with a body resistant to shock, water and dust, it also comes with advanced navigation capabilities through GPS, BeiDou, Glonass and Galileo for the highest flexibility in all regions.

  • Navigation capabilities
  • Call & SMS
  • Optional: XT-Pro dual, this model has aDUAL GSM/satellite SIM. Contact us for more information.


Thuraya XT-LITE is designed for users concerned about being connected securely. As all Thuraya phones it offers GSM and dual voice satellite calls.

  • DUAL GSM/satellite SIM
  • Call & SMS

Please add Thuraya airtime to use this device.

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X5-Touch, XT-Pro Dual, XT-Lite, XT-Pro Dual (used for display), XT-Pro, SO-2510 (second life)

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